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Milos Island

Milos is a magnificent island of Cyclades which combines the deep blue of the Aegean, the radiant sunlight, the existence of numerous beaches with remarkable variety, the Cycladic beauty of traditional houses and noteworthy monuments.

The mineral rich volcanic soil of Milos offered for ages the ideal industrial opportunity for extraction processing and trade and was the first source of wealth for the island residents which also continues today. From ancient times, the obsidian a hard volcanic rock from molten lava, was an important semi-precious stone in the history of human development. Many of the first tools and weapons were made of this natural glass.

Numerous beaches in a riot of colors and variety, sea caves and volcanic geomorphological forms of inspiration are responsible for the tourist bloom of the island. The history, myths and traditions come together with the beauty of the island and make an ideal destination for relaxation and pleasure.

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view from our rooms at Pollonia Milos GreeceThe seaside by our rooms at Pollonia Milos Greece

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